what is the word of “today”

3 Jun

I want :

I want to keep the use of these words i happened to learn, or to be taught by.

I just listen ot a Great Mass, a radiophic F.M. journey.

I happen (is the number of “n” suitable ? i can’t get along with good-spelling

OH! don’t worry about the “being in love with the broadcaster”, the one who made things (like gathering good musicians for example, like running the music for instance), really happen, I mean I can hear it on the computer, and it is like if you did not know what “suffering” could mean.

Pain-deliver, that’s a nice one

More clearly I should say : this big-head knows the right phone number to call, which else to give and wish well the one you receive

good enough for me, awaiting for Charming as he passes by, i felt as if i am the nut of an apple stuck under my tongue, and could hardly prononce :

arest thou whom came for my deliverance ?


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