Repaire de Mutants

10 Sep

Repaire, it is a “den” if i recall.

It has none to do with “repair”

Mutants : i don’t know how to turn it into English

Muters ? Mutings ? Mutes ?

My last go is : “a swarming cave of pirates” and i hope it suits the situation, or ” a den swarming of brigands ” if it may sound more accurate.

Now you start to guess i am an ignorant trying to spit out its undigested English, she leanrt listening The Beatles, then reading Thomas Hardy.

I sometimes listen to a radio. Ici et Maintenant, as they call it. As you would say “Here and Now”.

On Wednesdays there’s a special, here enters Tristan, a kind of Kind Wizard, who reads in your dreams.

Just precise details, and preferently in the “present” time.

Now i wish i can narrate the dream that was had on this night.

The sweet bloke told us he steps into a concert spot, following tracks, or boards, of the announcement for a group named “Super Silence”,

and the crowd he joins is enjoying a piece of majestic silence, as was showzd on the announcement.

I liked it and merely wanted to share this.


One Response to “Repaire de Mutants”

  1. beachblogger September 14, 2010 at 4:32 am #

    Could the (french) ‘mutants’ possibly be (english) ‘mutineers’? Mutineers could be regarded as pirates, as they rebel against the captain and, in effect, steal the ship …

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